Saturday, March 13, 2010

Once Upon A Time....

Once Upon A Time there was a lovely princess named Dana, who lived in a magical land called Diamond. It was in a far off kingdom called California. One day, while she was at a party, a strange boy came up and snuggled next to her, rubbing his big fuzzy head against her unsuspecting hand. The princess looked down and low and behold it was Prince Wesley from the land of Hills. Well, the Princess was so surprised that she laughed at Wesley and said 'You are such a Teddy Bear!' They spent the rest of the night giggling and laughing and being silly together. The two decided to go out for the princess's birthday the following night, and from then on they were inseparable. But the Princess was very focused and sometimes rather bossy. She knew that Wesley was her prince and she wanted to marry him. But the Prince wasn't ready for that just yet. The princess would cry and cry and pester the prince nigh unto madness, begging him to say the magic words.... Well, eventually the princess's palace came under new management and she moved home to the land of cows. She tried to focus on school, but she missed her wonderful prince. In the month of November, when everyone worships turkeys, the princess's grandmother died. The princess came to the land called Diamond and saw her prince for one magical day. But the prince had hatched up a plan to get his princess back. In Early December, he snuck away to the princess's new castle and surprised her with the magic words! So now they're getting married and couldn't be more excited - and stressed. These are the Grand adventure's of Prince Peanut Butter, a very stubborn but altogether lovable boy and Princess Jelly, a sweet and sometimes sour girl.

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  1. ha ha I loved this your so creative! I am so excited for you! Congrats!