Wednesday, November 3, 2010

To My Daughter.

Ok, before y'all pee in your pants - calm down. This is not in any way an announcement. I want this blog to be a place where I can document my thoughts, my awesome life, the things I love and the feelings I have. Oh, and to blab on about how completely cute and awesome my amazing husband is- be jealous! Don't like my posts? Think I'm weird? Wish I'd stop talking? Well, Dollface, no one is makin' ya read. These are my thoughts. Just whatever is running through my head. And tonight I am thinking about my daughter. Or daughters. Whichever! I have been thinking lately about the power of parenthood, and the magic and potential of children. I may think too much about kids or whatever, but it has been my dream to be a mother since I was a little girl. Tonight I want to talk about my daughter.

I hope you know how incredible you are. I hope I remember to tell you everyday how much I love you, how utterly fantastical I know you are. Especially on the days when you wish I weren't your mother. I hope you never dream of being pretty. You are too amazing to be summed up in 6 letters. I hope you have your daddy's green eyes, his caring and kindness and joy. I hope you have my laugh, and hopefully the same tenacity and passion for everything you do - the good and the bad. I hope you never question your Father in Heaven's love for you. Or mine. I'm not saying we'll paint each other's toenails every night, and tell secrets, but I hope you never have to doubt yourself or hate who you are as a result of my words or actions. Moms are humans too. Even the perfect ones. :)

I hope you are strong, and bold, and talented. I hope you know and accept it, and that you are never afraid to show it. I wish you just enough sickness to appreciate your health. I hope you know you are a princess. All girls are. Even when we don't feel like it. I want you to behave like a princess. Be honest, virtuous, noble and just. Remember you Father in Heaven in all things, and you will be blessed beyond what you can imagine or what you think you may deserve. I love you, my sweet. i can't wait for these next few years to fly by so I can meet you and teach you about the awesomeness that is shoes and tea parties and life! See you in a few! :)


  1. Beautiful sentiments you will be such a great mommy!
    I just hope you have a girl and not all boys so she can enjoy this

  2. there is a deep river by my house. :) kidding, TOTALLY KIDDING!!!!!!!!!! I was just thinking about girls. Boys are awesome too! :)

  3. Dana! I love you! I so needed to read that today. I may or may not have inserted my name in a few spots. You are going to make an awesome mom. You better live close to me so our kids can have play dates together. (if I ever have any)