Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Well, we are getting closer and closer to July! I am so stinkin' excited its not even funny! I just finished the bouquets, and Wesley has been hard at work. He is so amazing. :) Oh hey! We have a house!!! Its a 2ish bedroom duplex in Ontario, and it was just 600/month!!! It seems just right for us, and my favorite part - its a Craftsman style house!!!! Aaaggghhhh!!!!!!!! I have always dreamed of someday owning a Craftsman. They are the last of the well-built house era, and they have such adorable details!!!! Ours is a bit of a hot mess, but hopefully we can work together with our landlady to help clean up and restore it to its original beauty. I would post pictures, but I am not sure what the landlady would think of having photos on the internet of her home. Especially when the house was such an utter disaster land. But picture this.. The house looks like a blind schizophrenic got all home depot on it. The walls are covered entirely in some sort of wood or laminate, yes laminate! It has drawer fronts and cupboards on nearly every inch of every wall, even where there are no actual drawers or cupboards, and one of the rooms has parquet tiling on the wall! Needless to say, I am pretty excited to get my paws on it and start ripping down some paneling. Wesley will be living in it in June I think. He wants some 'man time' on his own, and then I will switch him places in July. Then he'll move in on the 24th of July! We have everything we need as far as house stuff goes -furniture, kitchen stuff, bedding, everything! -Everything except two people to love it. We just can't wait!

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