Thursday, June 17, 2010


So, our landlady turned out to be a lunatic. She called Wesley at the beginning of the week and told him that we were asking for too many favors. Escuse moi? Have you seen your house Mrs. Frodo? WE were the ones doing YOU the favor! She also said we would have to take said crappy house as is, because A: its a rental, take it or leave it, and B: she doesn't like paint. What the what? She said the reason for all the creepy wood paneling (aka parquet on the walls, cupboard doors nailed to walls, icky noncohesive 80's wood paneling) was that wood is low maintenance. Or in other words, she's too darn lazy to wash her walls and even lazier as to not want to paint or improve upon anything! So, we are picking option 2 of reason A. Leaving. Bwahaha..... We are leaning towards an apartment in San Bernardino. 2bed/1 or 2bath, 600-650/month. I really like it. Its far away enough that we are on our own, but close enough to spend time with family. Wesley doesn't like that its about 20 miles to work, but I think it will be alright. I just want to regain the feeling that we have SOMETHING nailed down. This apt. is also a month to month lease so we could always move if we find something better. If anyone knows of an affordable place to live that is closer, holler!

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  1. Your better off i think ... if you cant fix up the house then move somewhere better...GOOD LUCK