Sunday, June 27, 2010

I love to see the temple....

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to take Wesley and my parents to the Rexburg Idaho temple, to take out my own endowments. It was such a wonderful experience. My head is still buzzing from everything I did and learned in that Holy House of the Lord. By the way Heavenly Father has really cute carpet. :) it was such a joy as we finished our session to look to my left and see my wonderful husband-to-be, and to look to my right and see my beautiful mother and father and realise that because of the righteous choices we have all made, I get to be with them (and all of my family) throughout the eternities. The day was thoroughly spiritually and mentally exhausting, and I can barely remember everything, but I know that I made the right choice not only for myself, but also for my little family. I can't wait til the next time Wesley takes me to the Temple, and all the times after that. I love the Lord and his Son Jesus Christ. I am grateful for Christ's atoning sacrifice and for the power of Temple ordinances and covenants. Today I am a great big happy bomb, ready to explode with joy.


  1. I know this was an amazing day for you. I hope you and Wes will have numerous "date nights" at the temple before you get married. You will be living fairly close to the Redlands temple.Congratulations

  2. Thanks Marlene. And I'm sorry I sent you home an exhausted little shell of a man. I am so glad he was willing to come, even though it was such a short little trip spent mostly in transit. We will have many date nights to the temple. I need to go often just to get it all figured out! but it was a fun weekend. we all loved having him here with us. :)

  3. i want you to know that being married in the temple to begin your new life together is the most important thing. i know and stay close to the lord. it helps trust me. you don't want to be with out him. congrats. misty carter